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Supporting pastors and professional caregivers.


How we'll support you

Therapy and

For pastors, chaplains, and leaders.     


Preventive and intervention training in formation and development for individual, relational, team and organisational health and wellbeing.


For pastors, caregivers, couples, teams, congregations, and women's groups.


Research-based practical tools for use by individuals, couples, teams and organisations.


Becoming Whole: Reflections on personal integration (Meryem).

Hi, we're Greg & Meryem 

Leadership roles within the life of the church bring ever-increasing challenges. Our calling is to support pastors and professional caregivers in the midst of these pressures through training in team and organisational development, as well as providing services that renew the broken and weary.


This support takes many forms, including: pastoral supervision; counselling; debriefing; designing and facilitating workshops; lecturing; researching and writing papers on the pastoral and caregiver's role; team-building and strategic planning; and facilitating retreats.

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A bit about us

Meryem Brown
B.A.; Dip. Ed.; M. Ed. St. (Couns.); Grad. Dip. App. Sc.; Dip. Supervision; MAPS, APSE.

Meryem is a registered psychologist and operated a private counselling practice from 1993 until 2021. She now specialises in pastoral and professional supervision. Meryem is also a trained teacher, having worked in the state and private educational sectors, and at tertiary level.


Greg Brown
B. Bus (HRM); M. A. (App. Ethics); Cert in Supervision; Grad. Dip. Couns., Dip. Supervision, PACFA, CCAA, APSE.

Greg has experience in accounting, administration, management, pastoral work, mentoring, coaching and supervision. He has worked in the Public Service for Local, State and Commonwealth Government bodies, and in the private sector, in both small business and large corporations. Greg is a Certified Practising Counsellor and provides counselling and pastoral supervision.

Both Greg and Meryem are registered as Senior Accredited Pastoral Supervisors.


Together they conduct an organisational and professional development consultancy service for government, business, community, professional and church groups.


Services we offer

In 1986 we felt a strong sense of call to care for and support clergy and manse families. This subsequently expanded to include youth workers, chaplains, cross-cultural workers, secular caregivers (including counsellors, social workers, allied health workers, etc.) and others in leadership roles. We have worked at some level with all major denominations and a number of theological colleges, parachurch, mission agencies, not for profits and professional groups. Currently, we offer:


  • personality types

  • ministry stress and burnout

  • professional well-being and self-care

  • maintaining emotional health and lifestyle balance

  • sexual integration

  • professional boundaries

  • team cohesion and organisational health

  • congregational healing

  • spiritual bypassing

  • emotional intellgence

  • marriage enrichment

  • change and transition management

  • conflict management and transformation

  • role clarification and negotiation

  • professional and pastoral ethics

  • the shadow side of leadership

  • professional/pastoral supervision

Other Services

  • guest lecturing at theological and training colleges on ministry-related issues

  • professional development programs for counsellors, caregivers, etc

  • consulting with clergy and leadership teams r.e. team and congregational health

  • retreat programs for clergy and professional caregivers

  • pastoral/professional supervision

  • coaching and mentoring

  • intervention

  • counselling for clergy, etc. and professional caregivers (Greg)

  • cross-cultural ministry debriefing

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